Bicchieri biodegradabili

biodegradable and compostable glasses Biogreen Gate.

The biodegradable cups are the best choice because they are versatile and environmentally friendly.

They are ideal for all occasions : parties, nature walks, exhibitions and other events. They are also essential for the scope of the fast food, like fast food, takeaways and street food.

I am a ‘ safer alternative to classic disposable cups: biodegradable glasses are in fact composed of natural materials (such as corn starch, the polylattico acid, sugar cane and the cellulose pulp) which does not release toxic substances and them then make it absolutely safe for food.

They are, in general, a responsible choice.

The advantages of biodegradable cups are many and also about nature. Since they are in fact 100% compostable

• in a few weeks  decompose naturally, while oil derivatives that make up the synthetic plastic glasses also employ more than 1000 years.

• not make sterile the soil on which they are deposited and are less dangerous for the animals.

• it can be used as fertilizer for agriculture.

• can reduce the costs of waste management.

• the disposal is low impact because it requires little energy and no emission generally for compression.

• in the case were incinerated, biodegradable glasses produce reduced emissions compared to other waste.

For years Biogreen Gate is a leading distributor in the food products industry, selling 100% compostable and biodegradable products that deteriorate in a few weeks.

The biodegradable cups, like everyone else Biogreen Gate products, can be customized with your company logo or other specifications, in four different colors. In addition, Biogreen Gate also offers many custom solutions for orders of small amounts and for orders above € 500 free also biodegradable display to show the products purchased.

Choosing to abandon the use of conventional plastics in favor of biodegradable products, environmentally sustainable eco is a choice that respects the planet, the environment and the ecosystems they inhabit, especially the marine habitat and the flora and fauna at inside.

biodegradable cups

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